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Hermosa Elementary School

Our School

appleAt Hermosa Elementary, your children and their educational success are our main priorities. We believe every student can and will learn. To help your child succeed, we offer a variety of programs, such as special education and before/after school programs.

School Meals

For children to perform to their highest potential, it is important that they eat a healthy breakfast and lunch. We offer free breakfast and lunch for all students.

For more information about our school lunch program, please visit the district Food Services page.


One determinant of success is through our grading process. Students in 2nd through 5th grade have the opportunity to receive honors based on their classroom performance.

Highest Honors
We will recognize students earning all A’s and no U’s with Highest Honors.

Honor Roll
Students who meet the following requirements will be recognized on the Honor Roll:

  • 2nd grade: two A’s, one B, and no U’s
  • 3rd–5th grade: at least three A’s and nothing below a B - especially not any U’s